Friday, 18 August 2017

8 Benefits to Motivate and Retain Employees

Remuneration may no longer suffice for employee motivation and retention. In the competitive business world, Job seekers often use benefits as a better predictor for landing a good job more than salary alone, offering benefits to employees is very important because it shows them that you are invested in their future as well as their overall health. 
Depending on the type of organization and the job role, employee benefits may be quite different, the right benefit package can give you a distinct advantage, improve personal and business outcomes in competitive recruiting and retention.  

Benefits are expensive for company's to always provide for their employees but below are are some benefits that costs the company almost nothing, helps to retain your employees, transforms your workforce to become a happier, healthier and more productive place to work.

8 Benefits to motivate and retain employees

  • Dress down days (casual/cultural Friday is advised for employee to better express themselves)
  • Shorten office Hours (short office hours especially on Friday is popularly advised) 
  • Company day out (picnics, movie night etc. helps to bond team through shared experience)
  • Reward staff each month  (gamify the process for employees to meet company's target in other to get the monthly reward)
  • Office breakfast (It entice's early resumption)
  • Health insurance (this could lead to no more sick days)
  • Training (facilitates personal development)
  • Retirement planing (Pension secures employees future)

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