Friday, 1 September 2017

Country with the most public holidays

Workers do a little dance at the sound of public holiday announcement, of course who does not like a holiday? we all know public holiday may result in businesses closing or working limited business hours.
In Nigeria the home of  Busa HR  Public Holidays may often be declared in different states or cities due to significant events or memorials, but here are the public holidays that are observed nation wide (the dates may vary each year especially for religious holidays).

New Years day (1 January)

Good Friday (14 April)

Easter Monday (17 April)

Labour day (1 May)

Democracy day (29 May)

Id el Fitri (26, 27 June)  

Id el Kabir   (1, 4 September)

Independence Day  (1 October) 

Id el Maulud (30 November)                

Christmas Day (25 December)    

Boxing Day (26 December)    

This useful infographics shows the number of public holidays in other countries all over the world.

   source: Business Insider

Public holidays, work free day or not the reality is, if everyone should stop going to work the world stops. So happy Holidays to you, working or enjoying the holiday.

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