Friday, 8 September 2017


Work ethics is a crucial part of employment and Plays a vital role in career advancement. Every employee ought to respect their employers and expect same in return, this is where good ethical practice plays a role it isn’t just good for business but it is also essential for growth. 
There may be outlined rules and regulations, company’s policies may even be communicated to all employees during orientation but there are certain core work ethics that sets you apart from all other employees. They are as follows;

CommitmentDedication is important in all relationships, especially in the business world dedication is often viewed as “contagious,” meaning employees who give a strong effort can often inspire their co-workers to do the same. Although possessing the necessary skills is essential, a strong work ethic and positive attitude toward the job can carry you a long way.

Teamwork: A vital aspect of the workplace is working well with others; that includes everyone from peers to supervisors, to customers. In truth often times not all employees will always like each other, however they do need to set aside their personal or even work-related differences to reach a larger goal.

Behavior: All companies have specific acceptable behavior that is expected from their employees, but as a workers who wants to keep his/her job it is wise to clearly understand the accepted work behavior and strictly adhere to them.

Integrity: A key component to workplace ethics and behavior is integrity, or being honest and doing the right thing at all times, employees with integrity also avoid gossip and sneakiness while on the job.

Accountability: A major factor for a successful career and business is taking responsibility for your actions. That means showing up on scheduled workdays, as well as arriving on time and putting in an honest effort while on the job.

Every job have a unique ethical practice, the above listed ethics stands at the core of what every employee should possess to enable them thrive in the business world and working environment. 

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