Friday, 29 September 2017


Your success creates success for others and success requires, at least in part, standing out from the crowd and being known for something. To stand out and get promoted, if that’s your goal you need to do outstanding work that will get you seen by your boss and others in management roles. Look for ways you can go above and beyond the daily requirements. Below are 6 ways that can successfully help you stand out in the work place:

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD: Look for areas in your organization where you can put your skills to use and become an expert. Be known as the person who responds quicker, or be the first to raise a helping hand to volunteer for projects or work assignments where you can use your skills to help other employees, while demonstrating your management abilities.

BE THE PRODUCTIVE FIRST: Lots of employee are the first to arrive each day and this make them feel productive. Well arriving early is part of what you are paid to do, but to be the first and productive; you need to pick a worthwhile mission and excel at that mission, take care of unresolved problems from the day before.

CREATE YOUR OWN PET PROJECT: Excelling at an assigned project is expected, so be creative; by finding out innovative ways to meet customer needs or improve customer’s service experience. You can do this by carrying out task or project in your area of expertise without being asked, experimenting with a new process or service with a particular customer (or company goal) in mind.

BECOME A MENTOR: Share your knowledge with a coworker or people growing in the area of your expertise. You can do this by Coordinating several lunch hour sessions where you provide training to others in the organization in your area of expertise. Don’t wait for someone to approach you; pitch in when it appears they might need some help. Don’t expect any return favors, help others because you want to, not because you expect something in return.

BE MORE THAN JUST AN EMPLOYEE: Act like a consultant and find ways to add even more value to the business. Consultants are hired to assess a current situation and create action plans for improvement. They are paid for their expertise and their calm, professional demeanor, especially in times of difficulty.

IT IS OK TO BE HUMAN: Show a little of your personal side Let people know a little about you; a few personal details add color and depth to your professional image, Just make sure your personal interests don't overshadow professional accomplishments.

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